Every year our family spends at least one day at an amusement park. My father-in-law is part of the Free Masons, who put on an outing at Canobie Lake Park most years. We did have one year that we went to Six Flags which was cool. It is a nice time, park entrance and a lunch […]

What a fantastic day today. I had a hard time getting up since I went to bed too late. I watched G.I. Joe Retaliation last night. Should of went to bed. My son will like it though. But this morning was very nice with temps in the 60’s and no humidity from what I could […]

I was dreading today’s workout. Remembering back to last week when I did this workout was hell. I was fired up though, after watching some of the coverage of the 2013 Crossfit Games Masters. Simply amazing athletes in their 40’s, 50’s and 60’s. Gave me inspiration to push myself and move through this workout. The […]

I have never done Crossfit per say in a Crossfit Facility. I have done bootcamp and the Ramp course at a Crossfit Facility. I am by no means a guru at Crossfit and its entire history. Over the past several months I have become more interested in the Crossfit movement. I choose the word movement […]

Yesterday turned out to be another hot but sunny day. My son had another swim meet this morning. I wanted to get a HITT workout in and I decided the Harvard Stairs would be the workout of choice. This past Wednesday I missed the November Project due to my legs being so sore from Tuesdays […]

Crossfit has peaked my curiosity for sometime now. If it was not for cost I would have a yearly membership to a Crossfit gym. I did have the oppertunity to do some Crossfit at the Crossfit 110 facility in Chelmford, MA. I got a groupon coupone for $50 unlimited Crossfit. I joined up for the month and […]

Thursday mornig 5 a.m. I was headed out the door for a new workout. Like the other workouts the volume was still high but the rest periods were almost none. Most sets had 10 seconds of rest. I again tried to go as heavey as I could to be able to reach the rep count. […]